Sangria Pops

What's better than sangria on a hot summer day? Frozen sangria! Made with your favorite wine, fruit juices and chopped fruit, these refreshing treats will be a big hit at your next warm-weather gathering. Ingredients: 2 c. Red or White wine 3/4 c. orange juice, freshly squeezed 3/4 c. strawberries, pureed 3 tbsp. agave nectar 1 lime, juiced Directions: Into a pitcher, combine all ingredients and stir. Evenly distribute mixture into popsicle mold, being sure to leave a tiny bit of room at the top for expansion when freezing. Leftovers? Add a splash of sparkling water and taste test. Insert sticks and freeze for at least 4 hours before serving. To remove, check that pops are frozen solid by wiggling the stick back and forth. If it stays in place, pops are ready to be removed. If using a plastic mold, as pictured, run under warm water for a second. Carefully rock the stick side-to-side until pops loosen. Serve immediately or return to freezer. BE SURE TO CHANGE IT UP THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER BY CHANGING THE TYPE OF WINE, OR CHOICES OF FRUIT.