Eclipse Washington Riesling will contain a Lalvin EC-1118 yeast pack along with the current Lalvin K1-V1116 after July 31, 2018. All other kit additives will stay the same. Both yeasts will be added on Day 1. 

Cru Select Italy Style Valpola – Future productions of this kit will only include 1 pack of dried grape skins. We found through testing that leveraging 1 pack of dried grape skins made the wine more fully realize a traditional Valpola wine profile. 

En Primeur Winery Series Australian Shiraz – Due to market feedback, we have reformulated the Australian Shiraz to include wet grape skins. This will result in a bolder, juicier kit truer to an Australian style profile. This kit will be transitioning to a new item number. Our Inside Sales team will help ensure that you are shipped the correct kit through the