Wine and Pizza

Whether you’re popping a frozen pie in the oven, putting a carefully crafted labour of love on the grill or dialling it in, pizza night is always a hit. But what wine to serve alongside your faves? Always consider the pizza’s toppings and flavours first. We’ve rounded up some perfect wine kits to satisfy all of your pizza cravings!

White Pizza 

Hold the tomato sauce! Fans of white pizza, aka pizza bianca, love how the flavours of creamy cheeses, garlic, herbs and olive oil take centre stage. These pies pair wonderfully with a variety of wine styles. Try our light, refreshing and crisp Cru International Pinot Grigio kit, inspired by a northern Italian style. It’s a fantastic match for garlic-infused dishes. For red wine fans, a lovely, lighter fruitier red style works nicely, too, like our En Primeur Spain Grenache Syrah kit. 

Marinara and Margherita 

These simple classics deserve a wine style that complements their fresh flavours without overpowering. Sangiovese, one of Italy’s best-loved grapes, is a terrific choice. Try our Cru Select Italy Style Sangiovese kit and give a toast to Tuscany! 


With its rich, savoury combination of various meats like pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham, these pizzas require a wine style with enough structure and depth to stand up to its bold flavours. Enter our wonderfully assertive En Primeur Italy Rosso Grande Eccellente kit


With its combination of savoury ham and sweet pineapple, Hawaiian pizza loves a wine style with a balance of fruitiness and acidity. Opt here for our Heritage Estates Riesling kit, as its slight sweetness can complement the tangy pineapple and offset the saltiness of the ham, creating a balanced and refreshing combination.

We love pizza in all its forms, from simple pies for busy takeout nights to those loaded with luxe toppings for more indulgent noshing. And we believe that the experience is elevated even more with the right wine – even if you’re just serving slices straight from the box!