Summer Lovin Fun Mist Club


Are you ready for May Long weekend? Join our Breezin through May Long Weekend group and make enough wine to fill 6 3L bags (one bag of each variety). The Ultimate Summer Party fun pack! Be prepared for a long weekend camp out, patio parties, backyard barbecues.   

These wines make for lots of fun in the sun as you can enjoy them on their own or use them to create amazing cocktails and sangria.

Each Summer Fun Pack will include one 3 L bag in each of the following flavours:

Orchard CrispWith its enticing vibrant peach nose,gentle bite of tart acidity, and lingering apple finish, this Mist delivers crisp, fresh-from-the-orchard fruit from start to finish

Mango StrawberryFresh mango, sweet, sun ripened strawberries, and fragrant Moscato create a silky, refreshing and light-bodied blend.

Mango Dragonfruit LemonadeThis white fruit wine features the delicious flavours of mango, dragon fruit, coconut, and lemonade.

Rockin RaspberryThis blush wine offers the succulent, mouth-watering flavours of sweet, ripe raspberries blended gracefully with a delectable refreshing rose.

WildberryWe meant berries! We’ve matched up a special blend of wild field berries blended seamlessly together with delicious, juicy Shiraz.

Acai Raspberry RaptureAcai, a small dark purple fruit that is so tasty, that you can hardly believe it is also good for you. This intense fruit combined with sweet, ripe raspberries create a powerhouse of a wine.

Call us today for further details and to book your SUMMER LOVIN' FUN PACK!!

A second Summer Lovin Club will be occuring in time for Canada Day Weekend.